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Sundays Online: May 26, June 2, 9, 16, and 23

Tuesdays Online: May 28, June 4, 11, 18, and 25

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Want to gift a class to someone? Email us at admin@tqidiet.com to arrange that.

    Detailed information on Class Fees, how online classes work, our cancellation policy, our contractual agreement with our students, making up missed classes, discounts, and the TQI class syllabus below.

Class Fees:

$200 New Student with TQI BOOKSET (not available for students outside the USA due to cost of shipping.)
$180 New student, without books
$125 Returning student 

Pairs Discount, available in online classes only Discount Details

$245 (1 active new student, 1 auditing) with books
$225 (1 active new student, 1 auditing) without books
$170 (1 active returning student, 1 auditing)

Books bought by new students are mailed a week before class starts.

Included in Class Fees:

Five weekly lectures (Syllabus of material covered in class; each class is 1-1.5 hours long.)
Bonus access to the TQI Board during the series
Weekly check in emails from Kathy
15 quizzes on the finer points of the TQI Diet
3 podcasts covering FAQ

How Online Classes Work

      The lectures are in a video format that works smoothly and can be viewed on all devices. There are no programs to download. The lectures can be paused and resumed but (unlike say Netflix) the system does not remember where you left off. However, it is easy enough to make a note of the end time if you are shutting down your device so you can move the cursor and restart there when you return.
      At 11:45 PM (PT), the evening before each weekly class, you will get a class link and a password by email. The password is good for the entire next day (midnight to midnight PT). This means you can choose when to watch the class over the course of the day and it will not matter which time zone you might find yourself in or where on the globe you might find yourself.
      NOTE: You must watch the class during a set 24 hour period on the day you have chosen, classes are not available on demand to be watched on other days of the week. You may not start watching class on one day and watch the remainder on another day.


Cancellation, Transfer & Refund Policy

Request received more than 72 hours before the series begins: Full refund less a $25 fee.
Request received less than 72 hours before the series begins: No Refunds.

No transfers
to a subsequent series.
Transfers within a series are free, provided room is available and a timely transfer request is made to us.

      If Books were purchased and mailed before the cancellation request was made, the regular price of the books ($30), S&H, and sales tax will be deducted from the refund along with the cancellation fee.
In emergency situations, contact ADMIN promptly, we do our utmost to help students in difficult circumstances. Our Refund Policy Explained


Our Agreement

Registering for a TQI diet class is proof that you have read, understand, and agree to the following:

1. The payment of the class tuition is non-refundable and non-transferable if registration is not cancelled 72 hours before the class is scheduled to begin. There is a $25 cancellation fee for any cancellation made in advance of the 72 hour deadline. There are no transfers to subsequent series. If I miss one or more classes, I understand make-up classes may not be available.

2. I understand that changes in diet can have dramatic effects on the body, and I understand that I should consult with my health care provider before making any dietary changes. I understand that this is especially true if I I am taking prescriptions medications whose effect may be altered by changes in diet.

3. I understand and acknowledge that the instructor, Kathy Abascal, is sharing her experience using food to quiet inflammation and promote health, that she is not a licensed health care provider and is not recommending that I in whole or in part adopt her views on food. Instead, as an educated adult, I take full responsibility for any dietary changes I make and any effect those changes may have on my health. I therefore agree to hold Kathy Abascal and the TQI Diet harmless for any and all consequences of any dietary changes I choose to make.

4. When I pay for, or register, another person for class, I understand and acknowledge that I have a duty to make sure that that person is aware of, understands, and agrees to conditions 1 through 3 above and I will indemnify Kathy Abascal and the TQI Diet fully for any losses, including attorney fees, due to a failure to have that person be aware of and agree to these terms and conditions.

5. This program consists of a series of five classes and I agree to attend scheduled classes in sequence on the dates calendared for class. If I am unable to attend one or more classes in the series, I understand that make-up classes may not be available. There is a $5 processing fee for each make up class requested and granted, and a request for a make up class must be made within two weeks of the time the series in which I am enrolled is in progress. I understand that no more than 2  classes can be made up in the next series offered and the make up request, if granted, will be in an online class. A make up request for these make up classes must be submitted within 2 weeks of the end of the series in which I am registered.

Making Up Classes

       While we do our best to offer make ups for missed classes, we do not guarantee that a make up will be available should you miss a class. If you have attended part of a class, make ups are as a rule not available.

       You arrange a make up yourself on the Resources page, you do not need permission unless you are an online student attempting to attend an in person class. You simply click on one of the available make up options in the drop down menu.

       There is a $5 administrative fee for each make up request. This fee will not be refunded nor transferred once processed should you not attend the requested make up class.

       If your make up request is not submitted before 11 PM pacific time the day before the day of the online class you wish to attend, we cannot predict exactly at what time needed class links and passwords will be transmitted to you. You may end up not having a full 24 hours to attend class.

       Any of the five (5) classes in a series can be made up, provided space is available.

       Only two (2) classes can be made up in the next class series. In person make up options are not available in future series.

       A request to attend a make up in a future series must be submitted while your class series is still in session or before classes in the next series start.

       You may not use your two make ups to reduce the tuition of attending the next series. If you want to attend all five classes you must register as a returning student.


Our Refund Policy Explained

Our cancellation policy is simple and firm. Once you are within 72 hours of your class starting there are NO refunds. There are NO transfers to subsequent series.
If you buy a ticket to a Dylan, a Gypsy King, a Blake Shelton or other music concert and end up not going because you got the flu, your daughter dropped her kids off, or your mother had an emergency, you do not get a refund of your ticket purchase. You certainly cannot contact the ticket office six months later when the musician is back in town and get your old ticket switched for a new one.
If you sign up for a painting or a language class series and attend a few classes, you will not get a full refund, a partial refund, or even a transfer to another series simply because you discovered you did not want to paint, or couldn’t make it to class for whatever reason.
We have a demographic that includes an age group that may suddenly be faced with a diagnosis in need of medical care, where with some frequency elderly parents need immediate attention, whose children and grandchildren place sudden time demands on them. Our students do have travel demands, work demands, family demands, and more that make it more difficult to attend all of a class series. And changing eating habits can be challenging and, for some, putting off class and those changes to a later date often seems like a wise choice. While we make every effort to provide make-ups for missed classes within the current and a subsequent series, even at a different location, make ups require timely requests. And make ups are not always possible. The timely request is important, so  do not drop out of class and then contact us 6 months later explaining all the reasons why you missed class and should be allowed a transfer or a make up.
So those are our cancellation/transfer/makeup rules in plain English. This actually is rarely a problem but we decided to spell it out in detail because we do have the occasional person who either makes loud, threatening noises or stomps off in a snit if we do not do their bidding (e.g, provide a refund or a transfer).

Please be aware: When you sign up for a class you acknowledge and agree to our no refund/no transfer/no guaranteed make-up policy for yourself and anyone else you buy a class for.

Discount Details

     We offer a couples discount where one person attends as a student and the other person audits class only in our online classes. But beyond the two person discount, we count on each additional person attending class to sign up and pay a class fee.

      Couples should attend class on the same day and watch class on the same device at the same time. Only the registered student gets a personal weekly check in from Kathy, and only that student gains access to password protected parts of the TQI Diet website.


Class 1 What is inflammation;  Why quieting inflammation is key to health; The nuts & bolts of the elimination phase of the TQI Diet
Class 2
How to maintain the good intestinal microbes; How essential fats impact our health; How foods are genetically modified.

Class 3 What are antioxidants and how do antioxidants prevent oxidative stress damage and inflammation; How to cope with persistent environmental toxins; How to maintain blood sugar control

Class 4 Why it is important to test for food sensitivities; How to test for food sensitivities; How our protein choices affect our health; Recent research on osteoporosis; The importance of food quality.

Class 5 Creating an individual long-term healthy way of eating; How to evaluate claims of miracle foods, miracle supplements, and miracle diets;  How to eat to quiet inflammation in a nutshell.

      If you would like to explore some of the reported benefits of taking a class, explore our TESTIMONIAL page. 

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