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This 2-book set is all you need to quiet chronic inflammation and improve how you look, feel, sleep, and function. If you would like to read some reviews first just scroll down.

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The Abascal Way
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These books were created as a reference tool for students taking a TQI classes. Nonetheless, as the reviews below show, many make great progress working from the book alone and you might well be one of those people. Also, buying the book first allows you to scope out the plan before committing to a class. Ultimately though, I do hope you take the time to consider taking a class as well because it can be difficult to work from a book alone. It’s so easy to get busy and put off reading the whole book; it is yet easier to misread or skip over rules that you might be a tad reluctant to implement. Questions arise that you would benefit from having answered.  Plus the TQI Diet is very flexible and there are a myriad of ways to implement the plan but some are going to work better for you than others so being able to bounce those types of questions off me is really helpful. Students in class can communicate directly with me. More about classes HERE.

I, of course, make no claims that the TQI Diet is able to improve any medical condition but, as these reviews show, it is amazing how our body can respond to being fed well. With that in mind, you might want to also explore our TESTIMONIAL page to get a real sense of the many ways the TQI Diet has improved the well being of many, many people

Was having hip pain due to arthritis. I didn’t want to have hip replacement surgery so a dietary change sounded good. I  changed my diet several weeks ago & my hip pain is gone! I have not followed the book exactly but have positive results.”

I’m on week 2 of this diet, and by the end of week one, I had already lost eight pounds, something I didn’t expect. Some chronic health problems I’ve had have quieted so much that I’ve been able to stop taking the over-the-counter medication that I’ve been reliant on for years.

It changed my life. In 5 months I lost 31 #…and I did not start for weight loss, I just was in poor health. Now my cholesterol is down from 298 to 207 and my kidney function improved 90%. My over all mood and spirit is great.

A friend told me about the Abascal plan. I was on steroids for asthma and for sinus problems, and had came down with a strange form of arthritis and that was the main reason I tried this. My friend detoxed in three weeks. For me it took about two months but one day I woke up and didn’t need my asthma medication and didn’t need my sinus medication. This is a miracle for me for this time of year (summer) when pollens and molds are flying around. Also my arthritis has not progressed.

About 10 years ago I developed myalgia which began with pain in my legs and progressed over my entire body. I was in pain every day, saw numerous doctors, tried physical therapy, medications, etc and nothing helped. I was still able to function but I was in pain every day and woke up during the night with throbbing legs. A week after starting the Abascal way, I started to feel better. Slowly I felt better and better. I hit plateaus and learned of items that I needed to limit (tomatoes, some nuts, etc) and 6 months later most days I am or at least nearly pain free! When I look back to 6 months ago, I cannot believe the difference.

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