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The class fee includes five lectures, bonus access to the TQI Board during the class series, quizzes and weekly check-in emails. It does not include a copy of the planbook/cookbook set) which is a highly recommended reference tool. New students can buy the books at a discount as part of choosing a class. For more detailed information on classes and class discounts, click HERE

Class Fees:

$200 New Student with TQI BOOKSET (not available for students outside the USA due to cost of shipping.)
$180 New student, without books
$125 Returning student

Pairs Discount, available in online classes only

$245 (1 active new student, 1 auditing) with books
$225 (1 active new student, 1 auditing) without books
$170 (1 active returning student, 1 auditing)

Books bought by new students are mailed a week before class starts OR are delivered to in person locations.

To access the registration page:

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