TQI DIET: To Quiet Inflammation

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About The TQI Diet

     The TQI Diet melds nutritional science with a deep respect for the wisdom of eating in ways humans have eaten not just for millennia but for time out of mind. It is transformative for any person whose primary goal is to feel well and who demands logical explanations before embarking on a new dietary approach.

     The TQI Diet can be shaped in endless ways to suit the individual. TQI works for the omnivore, the vegetarian, and the vegan. It works for a low fat, a no fat, or a ketogenic approach. Some avoid all grains, some do not. The TQI Diet can be done paleo or localvore or combined with a traditional ethnic way of eating as well as in many other ways. Here is a short snippet that shows some of the many way the TQI Diet can be implemented.


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     The TQI Diet cannot promise to improve any medical condition nor can it claim to cure disease. Nonetheless, when we remove foods and chemicals that stress our body and replace them with high quality, nutritious, real foods, our body is able to function optimally. And it is truly amazing how much better the body is able to handle the stress an illness or a Western life style adds. Read some of our TESTIMONIALS and watch this short piece to begin to grasp the benefits that people have experienced after implementing the TQI Diet.


Doing the TQI Diet

    There are two main ways to do the TQI Diet. The first is by working from the TQI BOOK SET. The other is by taking a TQI CLASS. While the book has all the information needed to quiet inflammation, for most a TQI class is an incredibly valuable addition. Part of the beauty of the class is that you experience positive changes in your body while at the very same time learning the science of why you are improving. Learning in multiple ways (reading, looking at images, listening, all while doing) gives you an integrated experience that has real staying power. The visual elements of the lectures help you focus and make the more technical topics easier to grasp. Students have bonus access to the TQI Board, filled with recipes, suggestions on how to handle commuting and travel, restaurant reviews, and more. Each student gets a weekly check in email and Kathy herself answers them. There are light-hearted quizzes to help drive home the finer points of the plan. So, as this short piece explains, taking a class is a really good idea.


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