My favorite aspect of being on the elimination phase is my deep, luscious sleep. And improved sleep is perhaps the most common initial response to the TQI Diet. So, what follows are truly just a few of the many reports of good sleep achieved.


♦     Sleeping much better!

♦     I have energy like I used to have—huge difference. I’m beginning to sleep better and I’ve had insomnia for years— Sleeping straight through the night is heaven—so much better than waking up at 2 or 3 and not being able to get back to sleep.

♦     My sleep has continued to improve. One night I actually slept through the night.

♦     This has not happened for many, many years. My sleep is sounder and I seem to have good energy throughout the day. I’ve asked a lot of people about your TQI diet and everyone always responds—“I’ve never felt better in my life and my sleep is better too.” Now I say that too.

♦     I am sleeping soundly for 8 hours/night most nights, have experienced marked clarity in thinking and ability to manage stressful work situations without becoming overwhelmed.

♦     After a week on the program again I am sleeping better, my joints are better and my clothes are feeling a bit loser. I am waking up brighter and with more energy.

♦     Each time I re-embrace the program, which usually happens twice a year, when I speak to myself honestly about how I am slipping and the resulting way I feel, I find the following: 1. It takes only three days to notice a marked difference in how I feel. 2. Better sleep. This occurs almost immediately

♦     My husband’s lost 25 pounds, and I’m holding steady at a 10-pound loss, and lots more energy and way better sleep!

♦     Well, it’s been another wonderful week. Weight loss: 10 pounds in the last three weeks. Nasal congestion: Virtually gone. Energy: Much more sustainable during the day. Sleep: Like a baby.


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