Meeting our culture’s weight and size ideals is not one of the TQI Diet’s primary goals. However, reaching a comfortable weight for one’s body is an aspect of good health, so as we get healthier, we do change size. Most of us get smaller but a few get bigger – and most of us are thrilled by these changes.


♦     The clothes that I haven’t been able to wear for years because they were too tight are now too big!

♦     Your class has changed my life. I have lost about 30 pounds, still more to go. But even better — I have a new wardrobe. Every day I try on clothes that I had put aside for a couple of years because they were too tight and now they are almost too loose. I am so happy eating this way.

♦     The TQI Diet continues to be my way of life. I’ve kept my 50 pounds off and am always amazed at how much healthier I am compared to my friends and their adult children (30ish)!!

♦     In four weeks, my husband has lost 16 pounds and 3″!

♦     I’ve lost 83 pounds, and still losing. My goal is in sight. Haven’t been hungry or had a craving even once. There used to be so many things I couldn’t do because of my weight and size. Now, I know that anything is possible!!

♦     I have lost 10 pounds, my shoes fit and I was able to remove a
ring from my finger. My belly is shrinking and my bra cup is too big. I now sleep through the night.

♦     Things are great! I’ve been amazed at how quickly weight has come off. I’ve lost about 10 pounds in two weeks on the elimination diet. It’s so weird that I almost always feel satiated. I start to think that “it’s not working” because I don’t feel deprived, so I go to the scale and holy cow! It’s working.

♦     My starting weight: 153lbs. 1 month later: 143.5lbs.

♦     This is a repeat class for. I just wanted to retake the class to make sure I stayed on track. I have been on the elimination phase pretty much since April. I have lost about 70 pounds, waist measurement has gone from 44 inches to 37 inches (now to 36 inches-I measured today).

♦     Update after 6 months, weight: 141 (down 33.6 pounds) – waist: 33 (down 7 inches)”

♦     My doctor is very pleased, as my BMI is now within normal limits. My weights on their records show (02/2014) 171, (09/2014) 150, and (02/2015) 145.

♦     TQI is the best program ever. I started at (cough). 205lbs and for two years have stayed 152 – 153lbs. I’m now 148 at 5’8.5″ Once 41% BMI now I’m 21-23 BMI. Soon to be 73 and have never felt better. 

♦     At 18 weeks I’ve lost 6.5 inches and 26 pounds.

♦     My weight has dropped to the lowest it has been since 1980, and even to be able to lose weight at my age is nothing short of a miracle. I am so pleased.

♦     I am really flabbergasted! I lost three more pounds during Thanksgiving making my total 20 since the beginning. My vertigo is virtually gone after three grueling years. I am off chronic pain meds and only need occasional help to deal with aches and pains.

♦     I am still so on this change of life style! I’ve lost 38 pounds and I have kept it off. It’s been 3 years since I took your class.

♦     When I go to the doctor’s, they weigh me. Over the years I always seem to have gained a couple or so pounds. In November, I weighed over 170#. When I went this week, I weighed less than 160!!!

♦     I can eat like a horse but despite all my eating, I have lost 4” in my waist (36 to 32). I also went from 199.9 pounds to 185.7 pounds on my 6’2” frame. Sore shoulder is gone.

♦     I finally stepped off the plateau I was on and registered my weight at 162. Minus 74 lbs and I call it a miracle. I had given up on finding a way out of the maze of my obesity. I’ve worked my way to the back of my closet and pulled on, though not buttoned or zipped outfits from 29 years ago. I hope to wear those clothes in the coming months and believe that will happen. 

♦     My husband and I just marked 24 years of marriage and guess who put on her wedding gown!!!!. A great feeling, yes… but it is the “inside out” feeling that I love. The TQI was one of the best gifts this past year in my life.

♦     This is the 2nd time my wife and I are taking the TQI class. The has definitely impacted our lives in a positive way over the last year. I lost 35 unneeded pounds and generally feel better and my wife lost a whopping 80 lbs and has much less joint pain.



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