Ready To Go Foods


All of the products here fit the elimination phase – or at least they did when we bought them. Remember to check ingredients every time you buy something or you will eventually, as we have, end up spending money on a product that used to be wonderful but now is filled with strangeness you don’t want to eat. The links on the pictures should take you to the producer’s home page where you can learn where to buy the product. Usually they’ll also have some great recipes but be careful, they’ll often have a variety of other products that look tempting but don’t fit the TQI plan, let alone the elimination phase. If the link doesn’t pop up automatically, click on the picture.




I frequently hear from students basically complaining that they are too busy, too tired, and/or too achy to stand in the kitchen chopping “all these vegetables.” What follows is a selection of pre-cut, pre-chopped foods you could pick up at the store to save yourself the trouble. As well, there are some pantry items that easily convert into varied sauces to add flavor to your vegetables. It really is not all that difficult once you make up your mind that you want to do it. These happen to be mostly from Trader Joes but all grocery stores offer similar options as do online resources such as So what follows is an example only.



Today, there are many alternatives to wheat pasta. Here are a few choices.



One of the habits the TQI changes is our tendency to overindulge in crackers, toast, and other crunchy things that are often high in omega 6s, bad fats, refined grains, and all kinds of strange additives. But there are choices that allow us to enjoy a piece of toast or some crackers such as the following:



For lack of a better term, I’ve called these pantry items, they could also for the most part be viewed as condiments.Many will need to be refrigerated once opened.




Our foods taste differently when they do not have to compete with concentrated sweeteners. Things that used to seem bitter now seem tangy or tart. Fruit that used to be sort of blah now are sooo sweet. And there are dishes that will fully satisfy an occasional craving for something sweet. All of the following will — the unsweetened chocolate will need the accompaniment of a banana, some cashews or such though.

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