Oral Issues


♦     I have been getting my teeth cleaned 4 times a year for 10 years for mild periodontal disease. I went in last week and she was surprised by how little plaque and stain I had. She said I didn’t have to come back for 4 months this time! That pays for my class, ha

♦     I started in September and have spent most of the time on the elimination diet except Thanksgiving. I was able to stop 2 medications, my cholesterol is down and when I got my teeth cleaned, my gums were healthier!

♦     I am sleeping better. Something very significant happened today: I went for my every 3-4 month maintenance cleaning and my hygienist commented for the FIRST time that I had not built up as much plaque as I normally do. I was thrilled, I have always believed it was due to inflammation.

♦     Twice a year, when I get my teeth cleaned, they take a swab of saliva and look at the bacteria–how much is there and what kind. The slide taken a month after starting the TQI diet came out good. In other words, the diet successfully promoted a healthier bacterial environment in my mouth. Six months later, at my dental check-up just last week, my slide also showed good results (I refrained from using the mouthwash because I wanted to see what would happen).


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