Mixed Bouquet



♦     Swelling in leg is much better.

♦     There is no swelling in my ankles.



 ♦     I’ve had a small lipoma on my chest for well over a year. I’m four weeks on TQI and this morning I noticed it has shrunk by about 3/4. How’s that for an unexpected benefit? I’m pain free as well. Unbelievable.



 ♦     I have a stomach condition that caused me to be anemic with low iron stores and also causes great gut discomfort. My stomach improved on the TQI. I recently went to the Dr. and my iron stores, for the first time in many years, are actually normal! The only change in my life is what I am actually NOT putting in my stomach.



 ♦     My mobility has increased and I can stand-up without shaking and holding on. My stiffness has diminished – I can bend over and retrieve the empty cat’s dishes.



 ♦     I just had my second cataract surgery a week ago. I saw the doctor today for a follow-up. All is healed, and she remarked on the “unusual lack of inflammation” in my eyes after the surgery.



 ♦     My eyes are no longer extremely puffy in the morning.



 ♦     I have lost 12 pounds in 2 weeks without hard exercise. Just walking. My wife said I have also had been snoring less.

 ♦     Last night, I got up to use the bathroom. Usually I hear my husband snoring loudly on the other side of the bed but all was quiet. I thought I would find him in the bathroom ahead of me…but no Guy. I then checked the living room thinking he could not sleep and was reading but…again no Guy. Finally, I realized he was still in bed fast asleep! Because his snoring was not as loud as usual, I had assumed he was awake! It gave me pause…and actually made me chuckle at the change and my assumptions. We are sleeping better at this house



 ♦     I am really flabbergasted! I lost three more pounds during Thanksgiving making my total 20 since the beginning. My vertigo is virtually gone after three grueling years. I am off chronic pain meds and only need occasional help to deal with aches and pains.


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