Complex Issues

Some, of course, have quite complex medical issues. And as they provide their bodies with good nutrition on the TQI Diet, their bodies seem to handle those complexities better.


♦     I have MS. I can now get in and out of my car with ease, and I no longer worry about how I will pick something up when it falls on the ground. I have a lot less pain in my hips and knees.

♦     Several months ago, I was diagnosed with MS. The MS Society lists the TQI Diet as a diet to consider in helping symptoms. Tomorrow will be 4 weeks and I am convinced that I am getting stronger.


♦     Feel much more alert throughout the day – less drowsy. (Note: I’ve been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease.) Feel well enough to take less medication (for tremor). Feel just a bit lighter. Sleeping a bit better.



♦     The swelling in my hands from RA inflammation is less.

♦     I was in the midst of an autoimmune inflammatory arthritis flare up when I began class. I could hardly walk. Once I started the TQI diet I returned to 100% health!

♦     I feel like I tried everything to manage my RA, from major cocktails of drugs to lifestyle changes to trying to sleep more to adjusting my work hours and even therapy and meditation, and TQI is THE best thing, the best result, I have ever had. Two months ago, I was taking opioids and feeling desperate. Now I feel at least 10-15 years younger, energized, and am virtually pain free.

♦     I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis 10 years ago. I have been taking Methotrexate and Enbrel shots twice a week. Since I have been on this diet I have lost 16 pounds, joint pain is minimal, my seed rate is down significantly and ANA is in the normal range for the first time in 10 years. I went into this program kicking and screaming but now I am dancing! I can actually ride a bike again

♦     I have RA and went to my doctor yesterday. He was pleased with my 12 lb weight loss and decrease in hand pain. He is lowering my pred from 5 mg/day to 4 mg/day and then down to 3! Yeah! My blood pressure has also shown improvement. Thank you for offering this life altering solution to pain. 

♦     I went to see my Rheumatologist today for my every two-month checkup. He was pleased with my weight loss and said he had heard of the TQI Diet. He is allowing me to decrease the Prednisone and stop all together in two weeks. I can also decrease the Methotrexate by one pill a week, wait one month, and decrease again until I am down to only 3 pills a week. This is so exciting. My goal was to decrease the medication I take by 50% in six months and it sure looks like that is going to be possible.

♦     The inflammation I’ve been plagued with for years from a collection of autoimmune illnesses has settled waaaaaaay down and I’ve lost sixteen pounds so far. The problem was rheumatoid arthritis. Though I could still walk for several miles, the pain in my knees and feet made it impossible to hike. Then last month when I visited a friend in Arizona, I was able to go on a six-mile hike with constant altitude gain/loss/gain/loss and arrive back at her house pain free.

♦     I’m doing very well with the diet. Less knee pain and overall pain from RA, and more energy already.

♦     My pain level has stayed down even with cutting back on the Prednisone. I am confident the diet will help keep my pain down and I can continue to cut down on the meds. Last night I saw a friend that hadn’t seen me in a few months. She immediately said “You look wonderful. What are you doing? You look so much younger!”. My answer was I am not in pain anymore and feel alive again. 


♦     My knee pain usually wakes me in the wee hours of the night, I cannot remember how many years it has been since I have not been abruptly woken with this pain. I have now had 4 nights pain free. I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia 8 years ago, one of the symptoms of my Fibro is brain fog. It is debilitating and sometimes very embarrassing at work. My mind is clearer than it has ever been.


♦     Energy levels have gone way up and focus has increased. Lost about 15 lbs so far. I used to drink 4-5 shots of espresso every morning. Now I don’t need any coffee!

♦     My weight is good, my energy is good but the big thing for me is that my rosacea is receding.

♦     The most drastic change has been in my mental clarity.

♦     I have been enjoying your class and have learned so much about food and my body, and my many health issues. This diet to me is a lifestyle that I will continue my whole life, so thank you for helping to take me out of a very dark place in my life. Whether or not you know this, you contributed in helping save mine.

♦     Brain fog – this was constant, varying from mildly annoying to having to compensate by writing down ALL my tasks, forgetting thoughts from one moment to the next, i.e.; going to another room for something and promptly forgetting what I was going for. I am a registered nurse, a geriatric care manager (I own my own firm), and on-call 24/7. I was really beginning to wonder if I was experiencing early onset Alzheimer’s Disease! Since re-starting the TQI diet, I am experiencing far less brain fog!


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