Another Bouquet

Some people come to class with many, many issues. Some come with fewer. The following reports were hard to categorize but make for interesting reading and provide some insight into how much our food choices affect our well being.


♦     This diet has really saved my life. Started last year after physical therapist recommended your book. I had chronic plantar fasciitis, post op knee pain, rotator cuff chronic pain. Type 2 diabetes, sleep apnea, hypertension, and had recurring diverticulitis flare ups, looking at colon resection surgery. I was miserable and frightened at 245 lbs. I’m now at 195. This is truly miraculous.

♦     Consistently losing at least 2 lbs a week is nice motivation. Not to mention how good I feel. I didn’t have any specific ailments — some arthritic pain, blood pressure higher than I used to have — all that seems to have calmed down dramatically.

♦     Thank you! I danced through the day yesterday after I learned how good my blood test results were, I was so delighted.

♦     Much less mind fog and feel clear and bright. Have lost 7 lbs. Less upper abdominal bloating and a flatter tummy. Aches and pains have disappeared.

♦     I started TQI back in 2013 and I can’t imagine eating any other way now. I just had a full workup at my doctor’s office and she was in shock. She said she had never seen so much green on a report in all her years practicing 🙂 She was familiar with your plan and encourages her patients to try out the TQI Diet.

♦     Almost 4 years and still eating the TQI way. I continue to feel fabulous — no aches or pains, no fuzzy brain. Just had my annual doctor’s appointment and all numbers good. Watching my same age (67) and younger friends pile on the meds, I feel lucky — then I realize luck has very little to do with it! Luck was seeing the Healthlink segment on you & TQI

♦     I just wanted to tell you (again) that the six weeks we spent in your class, nearly a decade ago, were life changing. I just finished up my annual doctor appointments and all labs looked good – nice at 79

♦     The diet has helped my herniated disk and my joints, my plantar faciitis has improved, I’m not congested, my diastolic blood pressure is down 10-20 points, I’ve been told I glow. It’s pretty darn amazing.

♦     My husband and I were both experiencing typical midlife changes–aches, pains, fatigue, sleep disruption and weight gain. Within a week of beginning the TQI, we started to notice changes: better sleep, diminishing joint pain and weight loss. When I had my blood work done recently, my good cholesterol had gone from 82 up to 110. My bad cholesterol when from 104 to 74. I’ve dropped almost twenty pounds, effortlessly (the first time in my life I can claim that). I feel as if I’ve got my body back. I feel energized and invigorated. This program is for real and it is entirely sustainable (both on a personal level, but also from the planet’s point of view). Cooking has become more fun than ever and I’m amazed at the possibilities. I’m looking forward to sharing recipes and ideas with others who are experiencing the success of the TQI diet.

♦     It has been nearly two years since I took your class, which changed my life. At 61, I wanted to lose weight and bring down disturbing test results in glucose tolerance, cholesterol, and blood pressure. I already exercised and ate what I believed to be a very healthy diet. I have now lost nearly forty pounds, my doctor is really pleased with my recent test numbers (my triglycerides were 44!!) I have no joint pain.The leg and foot ache that had been chronic was gone the first day on TQI. My husband also lost weight, 20 pounds, and has given up dairy–not easy for a cheese head from Wisconsin, but the result is that his sinuses are clearer than he can ever remember. He adores the way that we eat, and would never go back. 


♦     I want to touch base with you about some improvements in my health that I attribute to the TQI diet. I started the diet in late July, 2014 and took your class in the fall online. It was a close friend’s example of glowing health, despite chronic illness, got me interested in the diet.
I am a physician and have mild heart failure due to a familial cardiomyopathy and ventricular tachycardia, well controlled with medication. Because of this, my lipids are checked regularly. My total cholesterol in July before I started the diet was 214. I just had it checked in the beginning of January and the total was 174! My cardiologist was floored that diet alone was capable of that drop. We were taught in med school was that the very fat limited Dean Ornish diet only caused a modest 10% drop in lipids at best.
I have also had many other health benefits: 10 lbs weight loss from 148 lbs to 138 (my weight in high school!), less chronic swelling and pain in a post-surgical knee prone to osteoarthritis, clear skin, fewer palpitations, many fewer colds/URI’s.
I am an MD and happened to read a referral note in a patient’s chart from a neurologist at the UW who recommended your diet specifically for a patient with chronic headaches.


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