Blood Fats, Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar

The TQI Diet, rich in essential nutrients, really helps the body handle blood fats, blood pressure, and blood sugar in a better way as these testimonials indicate.


♦     I have lost 10 pounds and feel great; AND I have been able to avoid taking meds to address high cholesterol.

♦     I started in September and have spent most of the time on the elimination diet except Thanksgiving. I was able to stop 2 medications, my cholesterol is down and when I got my teeth cleaned, my gums were healthier!

♦     I finally got the results for my cholesterol. In November, my cholesterol was at 301 and in March before I started the diet it was at 286 and last week I got my results after being on the diet for 2 months and it was at 218. I was pretty excited that it had dropped that low. 

♦     After following the TQI diet for 5 weeks, my LDL went from 122 to 78, and cholesterol went from 179 to 128. I never would have expected such a huge drop in such a short time. I have been taking red yeast rice for a year, but no changes in my numbers until I changed my eating habits.

♦     Cholesterol 119, triglycerides 59 HDL, LDL, VLDL all very good. Amazing. Also at 22# weight loss and at least two inches. No reflux…and continue to no longer take omeprazole. Cool, huh?

♦     Compared my June labs with November’s: Cholesterol down 62 points, weight down 33.9#s, blood sugar levels are now normal!

♦     I saw great benefits on TQI but the best part is that I started feeding my husband this way. He’s a tall skinny guy who suffered from really high cholesterol (350) and colitis. After eating with me this way since October (he really had no choice), his cholesterol is now 212 and he has no colitis

♦     Just had my annual medical check-up, and I’m very proud to say that my doc agreed to drop my cholesterol med today. I’m still on 1/4 of my original BP meds, but we discussed today the idea of dropping my morning med in the near future. One step at a time. He’s on board with me now, knows that my goal is to be off meds entirely, and shares that “destination.” My weight is the lowest it’s been in years, and that’s encouraging as well.

♦     I just got clinical proof that the TQI works. After two months on plan, my husband’s triglycerides have gone from 500 to 96. His cholesterol from high 200’s to 182. We are feeling wonderful, full of energy and all our little aches and pains are going away. BTW my hubby is 76 and I am 73. 

♦     Just completed 7 weeks on the diet today and also had a Lipoprotein Panel. Have lost a total of 19 lbs. Cholesterol was 206 and is now 164. HDL was 37 and remains at 37. CHOL/HDL Ratio was 5.6 and is now 4.4 Triglycerides were 144 and now 118. LDL was 140 and is now 103. This has been a great diet and I plan to keep with it for the rest of my life.

♦     Had my follow-up with my Cardiologist this week. She was ecstatic! My blood pressure was down, my blood data was down (LDLs, etc.). She lowered my blood pressure and my statin meds.! Thank you so much.
Go TQI!!


♦     Just wanted to share in the past month my blood pressure down to 104/68 and cholesterol down as well.

♦     My blood pressure is down in the 120’s over 65 which is amazing. I have been fighting this for two years and have been determined to find a way to get it down without drugs

♦     I was surprised how quickly my pain went away once I began the plan. My pain is now gone and my doctor is planning on taking me off my blood pressure medication. As an added bonus, I lost 20lbs, which at my age of 87 is quite unusual. And I am regular, regular, regular.

♦     A year ago, my blood pressure was 160/110. My doctor gave me time to “shape up” or I’d have to start taking medication. It took some time but on the TQI my blood pressure is now 111/72. I don’t ever remember it being that low!

♦     It has been 12 weeks since the first night of class. I have not been perfect, but I have been consistent. I have lost 25 pounds and I’m down a size. I’m able to walk 2 miles without pain in my feet. My blood pressure is back to normal. My energy is up.

♦     Good news from the doc appointment. My BP is much lower, 114/78, dosage cut in half. Blood test indicates I’m absorbing the thyroid med better, so that dose is also reduced.

♦     My blood pressure is an astounding 108/66 (usually it is about 140/80). I used to take Advil every day and realized tonight that I hardly ever take it at all. While I am not completely pain free, my shoulder is a lot better. Wow, I couldn’t be happier! 


♦     My husband lost about 15 pounds, sleeps so much better, no GERD, and little congestion. Also, his blood sugar dropped out of the danger zone and he no longer takes blood pressure pills. My husband is definitely getting younger. Thank you!!

♦     Down from 76 units of insulin a day to 56 units. Glucose is under control and has no peaks or valleys due to elimination foods.

♦     It’s been two weeks for me. My morning blood sugars have gone from typically 180-240 to 110-145 range! Significant for me!

♦     I have lost 4 pounds and the most encouraging part is I have had 6 days straight of my blood glucose numbers being in the 90s. My doctor wanted me to get them down under 100 and I saw this as an immediate result after day 1.

♦     I’m have type 2 diabetes and have cut my insulin about 40%. There is less water retention, specifically less ankle swelling, less knee pain, most days more energy, less phlegm and nasal congestion 

♦     I cannot believe I have been feeling this good for a year. I no longer need my allergy or asthma medication, and my blood glucose is slowly falling with a very low dose medication. My IBS is no more and I lost 40 lbs. I feel terrific!

♦      am diabetic. On TQI I have reduced my daily insulin by 3 units/day and have eliminated my need for insulin coverage during the day. I am waking with fasting glucoses of 95 or less. This has all happened in two weeks on this program. Every diabetic should take a serious look at this program, it is lifesaving!

♦     Hubby just brought home blood results. He has been a Type 2 Diabetic for about 10 years, his doctor prescribed medication. We instead took the class. He had a blood draw the day class started and now after class. Results: His A1c dropped from 9.7 down to 5.8, his Triglycerides dropped from 253 down to 112 and he lost 40 pounds in 16 weeks! He has eliminated the shoulder pain and reflux problems. His doctor came walking into the examination room and commented the medication was really working, Hubby said no! Didn’t start the medication, took a class and started a lifestyle change instead!

♦     My husband had his three-month diabetes checkup. Doctor had him stop one diabetes medication and his triglycerides med. He lost 9 pounds and his blood pressure, 110/60, best in years. Doctor said she was so impressed with TQI, she went out and bought nuts, vegetables and fruits for herself. Husband’s A1C is 5.3, the lowest ever. Very exciting.

♦     I was the lucky one who dropped my blood pressure meds after the 1st week of the plan. I visited my brother last week and he was amazed at how good I look, and feel! His Dr has okayed him to do TQI, says other patients are doing well on it! BTW, my A1C was 10.3 in Aug last year, before the class. I had it taken the end of January and it is 5.6 = NORMAL!!!! 

♦     Husband is Type II diabetic. On TQI his sugar stays from 90 – 140 now without any insulin-type medication. Recent lab reports say that almost everything is back in normal ranges, especially his lipids count. His doctor is very pleased!

♦      I am a nice person when my blood sugar is a non-issue. My family likes you a lot.


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